'For me, education is the most important thing' - Refugee Council
March 4, 2016

‘For me, education is the most important thing’

The two young women are sitting in their new living room when we meet them. They’ve got the radio on in the background, lively music from their country blares. Other than that, the flat is bare.

This is day two of their new life in the UK. They’ve been resettled here from the refugee camp in which they have spent most of their lives.

“I was lucky to finish my high school education in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.” one of the women tells us. “But after that, my education stopped.”

She explains how resettlement works in the camp. People are selected by the UN Refugee Agency and form groups which will travel to a range of countries – Denmark, Canada, the US, the UK and others.

“When I heard about the programme I didn’t mind which country I went to. I just wanted to get out of the camp. It is no place to live.”

Refugees fleeing violence and conflict are most often unable to travel far beyond the borders of their home country. They live in refugee camps for years; many children have lived their entire lives there. Resettlement allows refugees to rebuild their lives in safety.

“For me, education is the most important thing. I am glad I have been given a chance to learn. And live a life.”

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