Minister for Syrian Refugees role scrapped - Refugee Council
July 25, 2016

Minister for Syrian Refugees role scrapped

The Government has scrapped the role of Minister for Syrian Refugees in the reshuffle following Theresa May’s appointment as Prime Minister.

Government sources told the Huffington Post that the responsibilities which the role was previously responsible for will now be split across Government departments, signalling a ‘more holistic’ approach to protecting refugees.

In response to the news, Refugee Council Head of Advocacy Dr. Lisa Doyle said: “What’s more important than reshuffles and rhetoric are the concrete steps and action the Government takes to make a practical difference to refugees’ lives.

“There is certainly an urgent need for the Government is to stick to its word that it will take a more holistic approach to refugee protection and integration going forward; at the moment too many people are falling through the gaps and are left facing homelessness and hunger while different departments refuse to take responsibility for them.

“However, if the Government wants to be a global leader in this field then it has a lot of work to do; it must both offer more refugees safe passage to Britain and ensure that those who are already here are given the tools they need to rebuild their lives with dignity.”

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