Syrian families welcomed to Hertfordshire - Refugee Council
August 30, 2016

Syrian families welcomed to Hertfordshire

Families who have escaped the Syrian conflict have been welcomed to Hertfordshire in a special celebratory event laid on by the local community.

The Refugee Council has been working with local authorities across Hertfordshire and with a number of volunteer groups including Herts Welcomes Syrian Families and St Albans for Refugees to resettle Syrian refugee families across the county.

Volunteers organised a warm welcome for the families in a special event including games, food and a jumble sale laid on to help the families socialise and settle in.

Fatma from Syria enjoyed the event, saying: “Thank you for the event, we are so grateful. The community group are very nice and friendly people and made us feel welcome.”

Refugee Council Resettlement Manager Hannah Picking said: “Each Syrian refugee welcomed by Hertfordshire will have their life transformed, if not saved by this programme.

“It’s fantastic that communities across the county are helping to uphold Britain’s long history of welcoming refugees during their hour of greatest need.

“The Refugee Council has been working closely with local councils and Herts Welcomes Syrian Families to ensure that the refugee families who’ve arrived so far are able to access all of the services and support they need to begin recovering from their experiences and to start rebuilding their lives.”

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