Government to close child relocation scheme - Refugee Council
February 8, 2017

Government to close child relocation scheme

The Government has announced it will close a special scheme to relocate vulnerable unaccompanied children from other European countries to the UK.

The Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill has said that the UK has committed to relocating 350 young people through section 67 of the Immigration Act – often known as the Dubs Amendment – with over 200 children having arrived already.

When the amendment was being debated last year the Government said the number of children who would be transferred would be decided following discussions with local authorities.

The Minister said that the criteria which will determine how the remaining children are selected will be published ‘in due course’. This announcement does not include children who are seeking to join family members in the UK.

Refugee Council Policy Manager Judith Dennis said: “The Government’s job is far from done; the global refugee crisis hasn’t gone away and if anything it’s getting worse.

“The UK needs to step up rather than step back and ensure that we pull our weight by offering refuge to more vulnerable people and enabling more refugees to reunite with their families here.”

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