One step closer to changing law - Refugee Council
July 19, 2017

One step closer to changing law

We are delighted that Angus MacNeil, an SNP MP for the Western Isles, today (Wednesday 19 July) introduced a Private Member’s Bill about Refugee Family Reunion in Parliament.

This means that the existing rules surrounding refugee family reunion, which prevent refugee families from being together, will be debated by decision makers in Parliament in the coming months. If successful, the law will be changed to enable more refugee families the chance to reunite just when they need each other most.

This is real progress for us and the other charities with whom we have campaigned for change. We know that every single day families are separated in their search for a safe haven from violence and conflict. Those who make it to the UK find it hard to be reunited with their loved ones, who may still be in danger, because of our strict rules. For many families who have already experienced untold horrors, the enforced separation is heart-breaking and adds to their suffering. A Refugee Family Reunion Bill to address these rules could see this wrong put right.

Thank you so much to the many people who supported us by writing to your MP, supporting a Refugee Family Reunion Bill in Chris Bryant MP’s Poll and supporting us on social media. We could not have got here without your help. And we will be contacting you again about how else you can support!