Home Office plan to increase asylum support – by 80 pence and no more - Refugee Council
January 15, 2018

Home Office plan to increase asylum support – by 80 pence and no more

The Home Office has today revealed that it will increase the financial support provided to people seeking asylum by just 80 pence a week.

 After period of consultation, the Home Office published the findings of its 2017 review into the cash allowance provided to people seeking asylum. Despite calls to make a much more significant increase in the level support, the Home Office has said the rise should be from £36.95 per week to £37.75 per week. This change will take effect from 5 February 2018.

 Responding to this news, the Refugee Council’s Director of Advocacy, Dr Lisa Doyle said:

 People seeking asylum, barred from working to support themselves and frequently new to the UK, are wholly reliant on government allowances to meet their daily living needs. The long delays currently experienced by many in the asylum system means that families are forced to live on this paltry amount for months, sometimes years on end. Surely a country like ours can do better by people who have survived untold horrors and are trying to rebuild their lives.”

 You can see this review here 

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