'It's only 10 hours' awareness-raising day - Refugee Council
May 13, 2009

‘It’s only 10 hours’ awareness-raising day

Refugee Council’s Birmingham office is organising a fundraiser/awareness-raising day on 6th June 2009 – and is looking for sponsors and people to join in!

Destitution affects many asylum seekers and refugees throughout the UK. Although organisations like the Refugee Council can help people take steps to end their destitution, there is no immediate statutory support. It comes instead from charities, churches, family and friends.

We’re looking for people to take part in this event, which will mean spending 10 hours in Birmingham with only £1 to spend throughout the whole day, just as those who are destitute have to do. We expect participants to be bored at some point – it’s part of the experience. But we will be asking people to take part in a number of tasks throughout the day, such as:

  • Visiting three to four local organisations to see what destitution support they provide
  • Going to local library/bookshop and learning five different words in five different languages
  • Finding as many ‘free’ things to do in Birmingham during the day as they can
  • Sharing the food purchased with each individual’s £1
  • Researching books regarding refugee stories/stories about exile within book shops/libraries in Birmingham
  • Visiting a museum they’ve never been to before
  • Smiling
  • Taking pictures of people with a pro-refugee banner in front of a famous Birmingham landmark
  • Visiting local churches etc to see if they can help.
  • We are also looking to create an online blog that individuals can add to throughout the day

The money raised through sponsorship will go towards directly helping asylum seekers and refugees facing destitution, allowing them to eat, have shelter and provide for their basic needs – all things that many of us take for granted.

To sponsor the event online or find out more visit our fundraising page or to complete a sponsorship form please contact Nic Clark on 07774 987 303 or by email.