Refugee Council's vigil supporting Zimbabwean Asylum seekers - Refugee Council
August 4, 2005

Refugee Council’s vigil supporting Zimbabwean Asylum seekers

The Refugee Council joined the United Network of Detained Zimbabweans (UNDZ) and over 100 supporters last night who held a vigil in support of the Zimbabwean asylum seekers who are awaiting the decision of a High Court hearing which is being seen as a test case on whether they will be deported.

The vigil, which began at 5pm Wednesday evening is expected to continue until the end of the hearing which began at 9.30am today.

The High Court hearing is crucial for the failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe who are currently being held in detention pending deportation (approximated at 100) as the Judge will be hearing submissions that asylum seekers are in danger of being ill-treated and abused on their return – because they claimed asylum in the UK. It will also affect those currently seeking asylum.

Many of those who have been detained have said that they are prepared to starve to death. They recently temporarily abandoned their protest while awaiting the outcome of the courtroom challenge.

The Government also has suspended all removals to Zimbabwe pending today’s judicial review proceedings.