Desperately seeking a fair hearing - Refugee Council
April 6, 2005

Desperately seeking a fair hearing

Source: Guardian Unlimited

“At the root of the problem is an asylum system which still fails those who need it,” says the Refugee Council’s Tim Finch in the Guardian, “vulnerable people who through no fault of their own have been badly let down by a system that they thought would protect them.”

Many failed asylum seekers choose to remain in the UK and ‘disappear’. Denied work or any state support, they face a life of destitution. The Guardian’s Society section looks this week at the story behind the asylum debate and at the specific case of a Zimbabwean man who fled Mugabe’s regime only to find the horror of life as a failed asylum seeker.

The Refugee Council’s Tim Finch discusses asylum policy and argues ministers are more concerned with keeping down the numbers of asylum seekers than with doling out justice

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