David Blunkett announces review of the dispersal system - Refugee Council
August 13, 2001

David Blunkett announces review of the dispersal system

Home Office Minister David Blunkett has announced that the Government is to conduct an internal review of the policy which disperses asylum seekers around the UK.

The announcement follows a period of debate around the Government’s dispersal policy, after a series of attacks on asylum seekers in dispersal areas, the most serious of which resulted in the death of a 22-year old Turkish Kurd in Glasgow’s Sighthill housing estate.

A Home Office spokesperson denied allegations that the review into the dispersal system was an admission that the Governments asylum policy was failing.

According to the Home Office, the purpose of the review will be to examine the way the dispersal system is being implemented, rather than the policy of dispersal itself. The review will look into how asylum seekers are being integrated into local communities, at whether there is enough consultation with local authorities prior to dispersal, and at the way housing and other facilities are currently being provided.

According to The Guardian, the review will report back in the Autumn, although there are no plans to make the results public.