UKBA asylum backlog in chaos, reports says: our response - Refugee Council
November 22, 2012

UKBA asylum backlog in chaos, reports says: our response

The Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency has today released a scathing report into UKBA’s handling of the backlog of asylum cases, which has left people waiting an average of seven years for a decision on their asylum case.

In response, Judith Dennis, Policy Officer at the Refugee Council said:

“Yet another report shows that the UKBA is failing to sort the cases in the asylum backlog, causing ongoing suffering for those who have patiently waited for years for a decision. Ministers need to acknowledge the human cost of this administrative chaos.

“It is disgraceful that people have been forced to wait for years for the promised ‘conclusion’ of their application. In one case a person was left in limbo for 17 years. Some are extremely vulnerable, and include elderly people, and those who came here on their own as children.

They are unable to get on with their lives, many living without support or access to basic services. We know from our own work that in many cases, people’s mental and physical health deteriorates as a result.

“UKBA is treating these cases as administrative tasks on the bottom of their priority list, not as people whose lives are on hold. They must urgently put resources in to ensuring people are finally given a right and fair decision. Those who waited longest got the worst deal—‘conclusion’ for them has been a grant of more temporary leave.

It is only fair that those who are allowed to stay should be given permanent residence. After years of living in limbo, they must be allowed to put roots down and start rebuilding their lives.”