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December 19, 2023

End of the New Roots project – and what we achieved

Over the past five years, New Roots has supported more than 6,000 newly recognised refugees and their families in Leeds, Hull and London to integrate and thrive in their local communities.  


Sadly, due to the end of the project’s funding from the EU’s Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), the project has now closed. Here are some reflections on what the service achieved. We’d like to thank everyone involved for their support and contribution.

New Roots was born out of the need for a specialised integration service for refugees. It worked well because of its holistic approach, which reflected the three elements of integration: engage (through move-on advice and immigration casework); connect (through activities and workshops that help form community connections and build personal skills); and aspire (support into meaningful, long-term employment and education).

"I feel this project should continue forever."

Developing new skills for new lives in the UK 

New Roots helped thousands of refugees to develop their skills and begin new lives in the UK. At an event to mark the close of the project in Leeds, Kanona (pictured above with her son), spoke about the impact on her life.  

To be honest, I feel this project should continue forever. It’s been very beneficial for me. I met a lot of people. As a refugee, coming to new things, to meet new friends… it helps us to be sociable and learn a lot about British society, it’s great.

New Roots also led to partnerships between the Refugee Council and several local organisations who helped to deliver the project: Humber Community Advice Services and Goodwin Development Trust in Hull, and RETAS and Path Yorkshire in Leeds. These partnerships will continue to benefit communities long after the project’s closure. 

You can read more about the impact of the project in the New Roots Project – Final Evaluation Report [PDF].

Thank you  

We would like to thank everyone that has been involved in New Roots: the staff, volunteers, and partners who made it happen. Your support has enabled us to broaden our reach, strengthen our knowledge and skills, and find new opportunities for collaboration.  

Most of all, thank you to everyone that accessed New Roots for help and support. It was a privilege to work with you. 

Find support in Leeds and Hull  

If you are looking for support in Leeds or Hull following the end of the New Roots project, please look at our information leaflets for details of the support that is available.

Find support in Leeds [PDF]

Find support in Hull [PDF]

This project has been part-funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.