New analysis of UK asylum system published today - Refugee Council
March 14, 2019

New analysis of UK asylum system published today

The Refugee Council has published a new analysis of the latest developments in the UK asylum system.

The report forms part of the Asylum Information Database, a project coordinated by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles which aims to provide up to date information on asylum practice in 23 countries.

The UK report gives a comprehensive overview of the asylum procedure, drawing together relevant facts and figures relating to refugees and people seeking asylum in Britain.

This year’s report includes the latest immigration statistics covering 2018. It highlights what has changed in this the area of asylum since last year, such as the two new forms of leave for unaccompanied children brought from Europe; the continued criticism of asylum accommodation standards and further developments in the scrutiny in immigration detention.

Judith Dennis, Policy Manager at the Refugee Council and report author, said:

“We are very proud to contribute to the Asylum Information Database which gives an extremely comprehensive picture of the state of refugee protection across Europe. In many ways the UK system fares well in comparison to the other countries covered – hardly surprising given the relatively small numbers of people who claim asylum in the UK.

“However, we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels: this year’s report brings home how much we still need to do to ensure that people seeking asylum in the UK receive a timely decision that provides protection to those who need it and treats everyone with dignity while they are in our country. The continued destitution of those with status should make us particularly ashamed.”