Refugee Council responds to Channel death tragedy - Refugee Council
August 13, 2021

Refugee Council responds to Channel death tragedy

Yesterday, we became aware of news reports that a person had lost their life after the boat they were in got into difficulties in the English Channel.see story here.

In response to this news, we have issued the following comment:

Lisa Doyle, Director of Advocacy and Engagement at the Refugee Council said:

“This tragic loss of life is a sobering reminder that the odds are stacked against ordinary men, women and children, who are desperately struggling for safety and protection.  Every day, people are forced to flee their home through no fault of their own.  We can do more to make the journey safer.

We urge the Government to change course.  Instead of seeking to punish or push away people seeking safety because of the journey they have made to the UK, they can create and commit to safe routes.

Whilst there is war, persecution and violence – people will be forced to take dangerous journeys and inevitably more innocent lives will be lost.  This Government must increase access to safe routes and commit to supporting people to build a new life with the opportunity to give back to the communities that welcome them.”