I worked for the British Government and key agencies for about two decades. I was a lead interpreter, mentor and advisor.

I was helping law officials and supporting them in dangerous enquires and prosecutions. But when the Taliban returned to power they were all released and so they are looking for me and the whole team.

This was a really dangerous job for me, but I didn’t care about that, I was wanting to serve my country and her Majesty’s Government.

My family and I, we became very vulnerable because of my work. I was receiving threats and I was followed by unknown individuals and they tried to kill me.

To start with, my work said they did not want to lose me. I didn’t want to leave but asked for my family to be moved safely.

ARAP is the scheme for locally employed staff like me – interpreters and others that worked for the British. I applied under this scheme and I was given eligibility and offered a visa to come here to the UK. We arrived in 2022.

There are many problems facing my family because of my background. I am scared for my family still in Afghanistan. These people are seeking revenge and can hurt my family. My youngest sisters, mother and single brother are still there in Afghanistan and are extremely vulnerable. They are subject to death threats.

My brother [who is in the UK] applied for my mother, two sisters and brother to come [to the UK] but his case was rejected. Then I did the same, again it was rejected.

I am lucky that am here along with my two brothers, but what about my innocent family members? I am scared they will kill my family and no one is listening to me.

For nearly twenty years I served this country, but today no one is listening to me or helping us. I have seen others that I have worked with bring their families, their mum, sisters even brother-in-law so why don’t they do this for me?

I am in a hotel in the middle of nowhere with no transport, no shops, no GP. To get to the city centre it is a taxi. There is one bus that is provided but this just goes in once a day and then returns once. With this location, I can’t apply for a good job and I can’t go to work. I don’t want to be a burden. I want to do something here. I am looking forward to working again with people.

To be honest staying in a hotel is really tiring. Particularly for my wife, she is in deep depression. She has carried this for the past years, all the anxiety and tension that started when I worked for the agencies in Afghanistan, she was concerned about my vulnerability.

My wife wants to work here. She is learning English despite her stress and depression. I have to get her out of this hotel. Hotel is not a normal life. Hotels is just for one or two nights when you are having a holiday. We have been here for five months now, this is now the sixth month.

I would like to integrate into UK life but we should be given chances to express ourselves and use our skills. I want to do something useful in this country.

As long as I am in a hotel, I can’t do anything. My major concerns are moving to a proper accommodation and to be able to bring my mum, two sisters and my brother to live. I am honoured to be here in the UK, we are safe, my children are safe. I am patient, I have tolerance to face the current challenges. I would like to tackle all in one day.

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