Refugee Council provides a wide range of services, but we do not provide legal or immigration advice or work outside the UK. We hope that the links below will help you to get the support you need.

Refugee Council services

If you are looking for information about Refugee Council services, you can search our website to find the right service in your area:

Please contact the relevant service directly.

If you are uncertain which service you need, you can contact our Infoline.

Asylum support

Refugee Council does not provide support with asylum claims or help with applying for asylum support.

For this kind of support, contact Migrant Help:

0808 8010 503

Legal Advice

If you are looking for legal advice or one-off immigration advice, use these links to search in your area:

The Law Society:


Refugee Council does not provide legal or immigration advice.

If you are not in the UK

We only work in the UK and are unfortunately unable to help with any cases outside of the UK.

If you are in any other country, you can contact UNHCR in the country you are in:

Please note:  Refugee Council doesn’t have any influence in who is selected for resettlement to the UK and are not able to help in that way. The UNHCR are the organisation responsible for identifying cases that meet the criteria for resettlement.

Scotland and Wales

If you are in Scotland or Wales, please contact

Scottish Refugee Council:

Welsh Refugee Council: