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Banner created by the young people attending the Children's Section Social Evening and Refugee Youth.

In 2014 1861 separated children claimed ayslum in the UK,  seeking safety from countries where the state has caused them harm or has been unable to protect them. The Refugee Council works to safeguard and improve the lives of separated children in England.


New service announced The Refugee Council is to deliver a new therapeutic service to unaccompanied children in order to help improve their mental health.  The service, funded by the Department for Education, will enable us to run both therapy and psycho-education groups for separated children.  Find out more ...

Statistics relating to separated children in the UK:

The educational timetable for the Croydon office English, Maths and Music classes is available here ....

Age Dispute End of Year Report 2013Read 'A day in the life of the Trafficked Boys' and Young Men's Adviser' ....

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The Children's Section is comprised of the following services.  Please click on the service link below for more information.