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Banner created by the young people attending the Children's Section Social Evening and Refugee Youth.

In 2014 1,945 separated children claimed asylum in the UK,  seeking safety from countries where the state has caused them harm or has been unable to protect them. The Refugee Council works to safeguard and improve the lives of separated children in England.

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Fundraising for the Children's Section

Dave and Helen Cycling to Scotland

David and Helen Barr are cycling 500 miles to raise money to purchase books for educational classes that are run for separated children.  They leave from London on Sunday 18th October and will arrive in Edinburgh 10 days later. You can follow their progress on

Please make a donation at: andhelen and download their flyer here (pdf)

More information about the classes we offer through our Youth Activities programme is available here.  We would like to thank David and Helen for their efforts.  if you would like to raise funds for the Children's Section please email

Poster appeal - help welcome a separated child to the UK

Collage of Welcome Posters 2Thank you to everyone who has sent in posters so far.  To see some of the fantastic welcome posters please click here.  They have already brightened up our Dover office but we still need more.

Making a poster to welcome children to the UK

The Refugee Council Children's Section is working in Kent with newly arrived separated children.  When they arrive they are often disorientated and scared.  They are taken to buildings where they see lots of official looking people.  Even though the officials are there to help the young person, they can appear terrifying to a newly arrived child who may only ever have had bad experiences of people in uniforms.  Our Advisers try to make the young people feel welcomed and safe.  This is where you can help.  We would like to put posters on the walls telling the young person that they are welcome, that people in the UK wish them well and that they are in a child friendly environment.  We would like people to send us posters saying 'welcome', which the children will see as they arrive.

If you would like to help please make a poster or a card and send it to our office at the address below and then your message can help make a child's initial hours in the UK a less scary time. 

Please send your posters to Refugee Council Children's Section, 13 - 14 Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX

New volunteering opportunity:  We are looking for a new volunteer to join our Age Dispute Project team.  Find out more ...

Youth ActivitesSummer activities with our Youth Development Project:  Over the summer our English classes and social evenings are on hold until September but we have plenty of other activities for young people to take part in.  They are a great way for young people to make friends and take part in new experiences.  The activities include creative workshops, trips to Brighton and Central London, picnics and sports days.  Find out more ...

New Age Dispute Project Report: Age Dispute Report 2014

The Refugee Council has just published the end of year report for the Age Dispute Project for 2014.  Read the report ....

New therapy service - My View: 

The Refugee Council has started a new therapeutic service to unaccompanied children in order to help improve their mental health.  The service, My View, is now taking referrals.   Find out more ...

Statistics relating to separated children in the UK:

The educational timetable for the Croydon office English, Maths and Music classes is available here ....

 Read 'A day in the life of the Trafficked Boys' and Young Men's Adviser' ....

About the Children's Section Services

The Children's Section is comprised of the following services.  Please click on the service link below for more information.