About the Children′s Section

About the Children's Section

The Refugee Council Children’s Section works directly with separated children, as well as giving advice to those involved in their support. The Children’s Section has operated since 1994, and is the only national service of its kind. The team employs around 14 fully supported Advisers, many of whom speak the languages of the children they are working with.

In 2015 3,253 separated children claimed asylum in the UK, with the highest numbers arriving from Albania, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam, Iraq and Iran.

The Children’s Section works with around 200 separated children every month, receiving referrals from statutory and voluntary organisations, and directly from children themselves. We work with separated children and young people seeking asylum who are under the age of 18 when they enter the UK.  We also work with young people whose age is disputed and with trafficked children.

We work with young people who apply for asylum on entering the UK, have lived here for some time before applying for asylum, are taken to enforcement units and are already supported by social services, carers or community groups. 


Separated Children in Europe Programme

The Refugee Council is also a partner in the Separated Children in Europe Programme. Together with Save the Children UK, and UNHCR (London office), we work with the programme to inform and influence policy and practice in this field from a UK perspective. The Programme produces a number of good practice guides and policy positions on a range of issues affecting separated children across Europe.

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