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Therapeutic Wellbeing Resources

A page for the Refugee Council Therapeutic Resources

Therapeutic Reading List

  • Psychological Therapies For Survivors Of Torture: A Human-Rights Approach With People Seeking Asylum, by Jude Boyles
  • A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Work with Asylum Seekers and Refugees, by Angelina Jalonen and Paul Cilia La Corte

Resources to Improve Access to Primary Care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

In partnership with City University London, the Refugee Council have developed these practical resources to support refugees and asylum seekers to access primary healthcare

Guide to Using the GP

A guide for people who have never used the GP before and for people who have had problems using the GP, who struggle to communicate their needs and who don’t know their healthcare rights.

Albanian guide to use the GP (download PDF)

Arabic guide to use the GP (download PDF)

Dari guide to use the GP (download PDF)

English guide to use the GP (download PDF)

Farsi guide to use the GP (download PDF)

Tigrinya guide to use the GP (download PDF)

Communication Card

A double-sided card with useful vocabulary and phrases with translations. It can be used to speed up and clarify communication about health problems with the doctor, nurse, reception staff, in the hospital, with people who work in supporting organisations and to members of the public.

Albanian communication card (download PDF)

Arabic communication card (download PDF)

Dari communication card (download PDF)

Farsi communication card (download PDF)

Tigrinya communication card (download PDF)

Maurice Introduction Card

A pocket sized card for use when visiting the GP. On one side is the English text and the other side has the translation. It can be used to make an introduction to the reception, to request equal and fair treatment and to ask for compassion and understanding of difficult circumstances.

Albanian Maurice card (download PDF)

Arabic Maurice card (download PDF)

Dari Maurice card (download PDF)

Farsi Maurice card (download PDF)

Tigrinya Maurice card (download PDF)

Which NHS service do I need?

A poster which maps out the different NHS services, what they do, when to access them and how to access them.

Albanian NHS poster (download PDF)

Arabic NHS poster (download PDF)

English NHS poster (download PDF)

Tigrinya NHS poster (download PDF)

Farsi NHS poster (download PDF)

Dari NHS poster (download PDF)